Change the select record definition logic to be more user friendly

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When I have a record(list) variable in an action I need to define a record definition to it. To do this I first need to dubble click on the record definition and I see a screen with entity/structure is attached to that record (even when I have no entity/structure attached to it).

The I want to select an structure and I click on the folder to add this, but I see a list of entities and only the first 20 (?). So when I need a structure (which happens a lot) I need to click the 'Add another entity/stucture before I can search the entity/structure I need.

Why don't show the 'Add another entity/structure' right away? I can search in that screen also so it a faster way to select the record definition I need. Another improvement could be to show the 'Add another entity/structe screen when dubble click on the record definition when there is no entity/structure attached to it.

See the screenshot for more explaining.
 OS_Select entity for record.png
Created on 16 Dec 2011
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