[RichWidgets] Have the ability to set own List_LateLoad message for better feedback messages

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For some screens I use the List_LateLoad widget where the user get's to see a 'general' feedback message. I would like to be able to set my own feedback message. So let's assume I have a screen to send an order which takes some time. I use the OnLoad to let the user know why he must wait. But the (general) message that is shown is:

'please wait while the content is loading'

I would like to be able to show something like:

'please wait while your order is being send'

This is very easy to apply since the List_LateLoad widget only need's to have an (non mandatory) input variable (text) where I can define my own message. If the message is empty the general message is show, else the message that is set by the developer.
Created on 19 Dec 2011
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