Personal Account have multi Personal Environment


When we use personal to make several applications and we are testing how to do things (samples) or even study, sometimes we are always saving and quickly fill our personal with backups.

So that there is no need to always create new personals with other accounts  so that we can have our tests, only with one account can we have up to X personal environment

Also is good is possible change the personal name of personal-XXXXX to simple name we whant 

Created on 18 Nov (9 days ago)
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Hi Renato,

As you already mention, there is a workaround to have multiple PE, by creating multiple accounts.

I my closet is full with clothes, I don't buy a new closet, instead I clean up clothes I never wear anymore and throw them away.

So I suggest, that you clean up your PE with applications you no longer need, and then use DBCleaner or DBCleanerOnSteriods to cleanup.



Hi Daniel, 

Is a way to see.

But when you are studying the platform you try to make a lot of samples to get acknowledge for you and don't delete anything to see how to do something.

And when you try to make a real project you don't have space and need another account.

Of course, you say is correct 100%, but is easier to have 1 account and multi PE, instead of multi-account.

Well that is my point, if you don't have space, its a 15 minutes task to make space.

As I say, I understand your viewpoint.

But at the moment I have 4 apps on my personal and have more than 50% of space occupied. I have the DBCleanerOnSteriods on PE, to clean.

Because of that, I put this. 

if I develop more than 10 apps space is gone. (I think)

That doesn't make a lot of sense to me. In have 50+ apps in my PE and still have space.

Of course application data is a factor, but most often it is the metadata, and especially module versions.

Remember every-time you do a 1CP a version of your module is generated if you have big resources in your modules this adds up quickly all versions are stored in the database. Try to always isolate resources in separate module(s), as they have a less frequency of change.

Try to remove old versions of modules, either through DBCleanerOnSteriods, or through Service Center > Factory > Module > Check old module versions to delete.