New Warning - Empty Attribute Mapping


Please add a feature that will create a warning for every attribute in a mapping that is blank.   Each blank attribute mapping can be hidden just like normal warnings.  Sometimes True Change goes on holiday while refactoring, and its a real pain to find where a new or renamed attribute was not mapped or lost its mapping.

Created on 21 Nov 2020
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The real problem is that this happens in the first place when things change. I'm not sure if a warning for an optional attribute is the answer, it means that just a single call to a CreateEntity with a lot of optional attributes will generate a pile of useless warnings, further degrading True Change's value. (Mandatory attributes get errors now, at least). At the same time... yes, this OFTEN causes severe, silent runtime errors and it takes intensive testing to notice it.


I fully agrea with Justin.  To many warnings could make them less  efective

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If too many warnings are an issue for you (versus a unknown defects by missing mappings), then please adjust this idea such that this feature can be turned off/on  as a setting available to in the Service Studio Preferences fields.

If you ever wanted to search an for an empty Attribute Mapping, there is no way in ServiceStudio to do such a thing except manually clicking on every object that has a property.

I have never set any attributes as mandatory on in structures which is the developers primary domain for non scaffolded applications.

 I see the issue more with:

  1. Aggregates to Business Objects
  2. Business object casting
  3. Mapping Generic Actions/Structures to/from a Business Object.