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Publishing a espace/solution via service center can take some time. It might be handy to have the timestamp for each step in the publish.
For large solutions, I often launch the publish and continue working since I know it will take sometimes half on hour.
Now I have no idea which step took how long.

Created on 28 Dec 2011
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Don't see the advantage of a timestamp by step, more interesting would be the total time of the whole solution.

Publishing and keep working is possible, so don't see why it should be set by publishing step?
The timestamp per step might be interesting to see which step takes how long, certainly as said above, if one keeps working.
step 10-11 are the longest (at least: publishing, deploying)

But why would you publish the (big) solution when you keep working? You know this has disadvantage when you keep on developing.
We have some very large solutions that take over half an hour to deploy.
When deploying to acceptance/quality environment, we launch the publish and continue our day to day work. We regularly check the process, but we're not going to keep staring to screen for 30 minutes or more.
Now, we have no indication which step took how long and when the publish was really finished.
So if you publish it on you're acceptance/quality environment, why do you need to keep looking?

We also have a large solution where the publish indeed takes about 30-40 min. The application is off-line for about 5min (during the publishing step), but the only thing I'm interested in is the fact that every thing went fine, this can be checked afterwards. During the publish you can't stop or change anything so the only thing that would be handy it the total time of the publish, so you have an indication how long it takes.

Think it's not possible to time the steps since there are so many variables:

- Server cpu/ram
- Application changes
- Application references
- Publish with full compilations

and so on.
So much important!!! Voted!