Arrows in flow

By Kurt Vandevelde on 28 Dec 2011


Currently, the arrows used in the flows are straight lines. In some cases, the flow could be made more reasible if it would be possible to use arrow in different part.

As the goal is not to use this very often, I might e.g. be a new icon in the toolbox.

The new way would then be something like this:

PG@Jumar4 Jan 2012
We have also had this readability issue in big diagrams - there is an inelegant {IMO} solution of adding a 'Dummy' Empty Assign block where you want the corners but I'd much prefer the ability (as with other tools) to just click at the point you want a corner and drag it out - I think these are known as 'waypoints' in some tools - then you could do to any flow after it is added - a separate tool is counter intuitive as it still has the same meaning with or without the bends!
Kilian Hekhuis5 Jan 2012
Using the dummy assign trick quite often, but it would be better if we could created some corners. Also, not just corners but curved arrows as well: it has always bugged me that if you have one action going from and to the For Each, Service Studio gives you two nice curved arrows, but when adding a second action the arrow from that to the For Each is straight again, so you have to reposition it.
Tiago Bernardo1 Mar 2013
Also, take a look at this related idea.