Innovation Awards

OutSystems Innovation Awards

The OutSystems Innovation Awards recognize the organizations and people that are successfully using OutSystems to digitally transform their businesses. The ultimate goal of this program is to recognize, reward, and share your successful OutSystems projects.

Award Categories

Enterprise Transformation Award

Submissions in this category should describe, using facts and figures, how their organization used OutSystems to build applications, portals, or systems that eliminate paper-based or manual processes, breakdown silos, and offer user-friendly front-ends that integrate with core systems. 

Business Impact Award

Submissions in this category should show that the application, portal, mobile, or system built with OutSystems fundamentally improved business processes or a way you got business done.

Best Digital Customer Experience Award

Submissions for this category should demonstrate an overall amazing digital customer experience delivered with OutSystems. Winning submissions should detail how their project delivered digital experiences that exceeded their customer expectations. 

ROI Award

Submissions in this category should quantify the return on investment of using OutSystems to build an application, portal, mobile, or system. 

Innovator of the Year

The best-of-the-best! We’ll choose this overall winner based on the most innovative use of OutSystems.

Submission Timeline

To enter, please complete the nomination form between March 1 and May 31, 2020. OutSystems will select finalists for each of our four categories (see descriptions below) and winners will be announced in the fall of 2020. Winning organizations receive industry visibility, story promotion and a trophy.

Award submission deadline: May 31, 2020

Obayashi Road Corporation, Innovation Awards winner under the category Business Impact. See the complete 2019 gallery.