Front-end platform for web applications and portals

OutSystems® Platform allows you to quickly integrate and extend your legacy systems and deliver new rich web applications.

 Leverage what you have - Integrate your legacy systems,
databases and libraries to reuse data and functionality;

 Create rich web and mobile interfaces - Deliver sophisticated
yet easy to use interfaces for high user adoption;

 Stay off your legacy code - Evolve your web apps without
touching your old systems. Reduce risk and maintenance nightmares;

 Change at the speed of business - Adapt your app as fast as
the business needs. Don't end up with another legacy system.


What type of front-ends are companies creating with the OutSystems® Platform?


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Quickly bring together information spread across your legacy systems

Legacy systems are a maintenance nightmare, but they contain huge amounts of information that support processes crucial to your business. The fastest way to make this information available to your users is to leverage what you already have and build a front-end system on top of your legacy system.

With OutSystems Platform you get to easily integrate the bits you need from your systems, and create front-end applications at an unprecedented speed giving the business access to information that was previously buried in your legacy systems.

Build your front-end for the mobile world

Smart phones and tablets are entering the enterprise, and the benefits of mobile are becoming ever more obvious. But all this hardware isn't being controlled by IT, users are picking their own devices! The best way to deal with all this variety is to use modern web standards so that you can build a single front-end for all devices.
OutSystems Platform makes it simple to take the information available on your legacy systems and expose it in rich mobile web applications that render beautifully on all devices.  This gives your users the chance to act on real-time data in an easy to use mobile interface available from anywhere.

 The power of legacy systems, the usability of the web

Legacy systems tend to make information hard to reach, not only due to access restrictions, but also because of their complex user-interfaces. More often than not, only specialized personnel can access these systems, which makes real-time information access nearly impossible.
OutSystems Platform gives you the power to quickly build usable web front-ends for your legacy systems, making information easy to access by the people who really need it, when they need it. By building these sophisticated yet easy to use interfaces, you ensure adoption of your brand new front-ends.

Stay off your legacy code, but still deliver new functionality

Legacy systems weren’t built with change in mind, and are hard and risky to change. One of the big advantages of building a front-end on top of your legacy systems is that you can add new functionality without touching the existing systems.
With OutSystems Platform's built-in integration capabilities, you can build a front-end on top of your legacy system without actually touching it. This gives you the opportunity to get all you need from your old systems, without the nightmare and risk of changing legacy applications.

No more legacy systems, just evergreen apps

When building a front-end for your legacy systems, you need to make sure you don’t end up with another legacy system. Changing a system once real people start using it is hard. But the business keeps evolving, and if your front-end can’t keep up with the pace of the business, it will soon become obsolete.
This is why OutSystems Platform was designed from day one for change. After you quickly build a ready to use front-end over your legacy application, you also get to change it at the speed of business. This is the only way to keep your applications evergreen.

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