Get rid of end-of-life applications and platforms!

OutSystems® Platform revolutionizes the way you can modernize or replace legacy systems. Reuse legacy data that's still useful, build new functionality your business needs, evolve your apps continuously: 

Increase your responsiveness to business requests;

Reduce maintenance and operational costs;

Eliminate risk and avoid lock-in;

Make your apps 'future proof'.

Replace end-of-life applications

What type of apps are companies replacing using OutSystems Platform?

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Increase your responsiveness to business requests


Legacy systems are usually based on inflexible technology, poorly documented code, and require specialized skill sets to be maintained. This makes them difficult, slow, and expensive to adapt to new business needs.

With OutSystems Platform you can:

  • Build applications faster using visual models - you'll deliver a complete enterprise web app in weeks instead of months;
  • Copycat meaningful functionality from your legacy systems, and add  the new features your business is asking for, in a matter of hours; 
  • Deploy your apps automatically with 1-click, reducing the change-cycle time and cost.

Reduce Maintenance and Operational Costs

Having multiple legacy systems means you're paying for several software licenses, managing different hardware configurations and technologies, and have specialized resources just to "keep the lights on".

With OutSystems Platform you will:

  • Use the same technology and resources to modernize, migrate or replace several systems;
  • Deploy standard .Net or Java applications running on top of a single, standard and modern technology stack;
  • Have all application versions, monitoring data, security rules.... accessible from a centralized web console.

Eliminate Risk and Avoid Lock-in

No Lock-in

Migrating legacy systems is not a simple task. Your new applications will need to be robust, ready to scale and maintainable in the long run.

With OutSystems Platform you'll have technology that can cover all your migration projects' needs, but that doesn't lock you in:

  • Applications are fully optimized for maximum performance, and are ready to scale from day one;
  • All apps are automatically instrumented to log their run-time monitoring information;
  • Visual models make apps easy to understand, with simpler knowledge transfer and reduced dependency of specialized IT staff;
  • If you ever decide to stop using OutSystems Platform, you can access the generated .Net or Java code, fully documented and readable, and keep maintaining your applications using another IDE.

Make Your Apps "Future Proof"

When you migrate, modernize or replace legacy systems, you need to choose a technology that won't get you stuck with the same maintenance problems 5 years down the road.

Here's how OutSystems Platform can help:

  • Deploy your applications on a public cloud, move them on premise, or use a hybrid approach, with no additional development needed; 
  • Expose parts of your applications as services, easily  creating a SOA incrementally;
  • We keep OutSystems Platform up to date with new versions of the technology stacks so you can upgrade your apps with just 1-click.


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