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What’s Intelligent Automation and How to Make It Even Smarter

This blog post will explain what intelligent automation is and how to implement it in your business successfully. Take a look!

7 Software Development Trends for 2022 and Why You Should Adopt Them

Software engineering is changing, and with that, there are new software development trends engineering leaders should keep in mind to thrive in 2022. Find them out in this blog post.

Dev Zone

Making Documentation Accessible: A Conversation with Meta’s Brittney Ball

In this episode of Decoded, document engineer Brittney Ball talks to host Sydney Lai about the latest considerations in documentation for the complex projects she works on at Meta.

Learning in Public: A Conversation with Ali Diamond

Twitch streaming phenomenon Ali Diamond, and developer advocate at New Relic, joins host Sydney Lai to talk about the value and joy of both teaching and learning live online with other developers.