Walking the Line: How USACS Built a Better Portal and Saved Millions with OutSystems

US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) is the leading physician-owned provider of hospital-based patient care, including emergency medicine, physicians and observation services. When USACS wanted to replace its legacy portal for physicians, it looked to OutSystems for help. Called The Central Line, today that new portal enables much greater collaboration across the organization, while also saving the company over $1 million per year.

Over 170 locations

Over 170 locations

Serves >6 million patients annually

Serves >6 million patients annually

>$1 million in savings per year

>$1 million in savings per year

Efficiency and productivity gains

Efficiency and productivity gains

Dave Peppard
"OutSystems is a fantastic business partner and the only platform we trust to rapidly develop and iterate code."David Peppard, CTO at USACS

Keeping a Finger on the Pulse of a Legacy Portal That Was No Longer up to the Task

Challenge - When USACS launched its MyPulse portal more than seven years ago, it became the place—outside of the emergency room— where the company’s physicians did most of their work. Built on Vignette, and later OpenText, the portal consolidated a variety of touchpoints throughout the company, bringing everything together in one channel.

By 2016, however, MyPulse was no longer able to meet USACS’s expanding needs.

The company wanted something more powerful, that would facilitate greater collaboration and that they could adapt and change quickly as new needs arose.

“We wanted a way to iterate and deploy faster so that we could work with our systems of record,” recalls David Peppard, CTO at USACS. “And we knew that our legacy portal and the technologies we used to build it wouldn’t cut it in the fast-paced digital world.”

OutSystems Offers Speed, Safety, and Peace of Mind

Solution - Recognizing that his company would need to find a new way to build its next-gen portal, Peppard began to look at low-code platforms, and eventually selected OutSystems. "We explored a lot of options, and didn’t find any that offered the same breadth of applications as OutSystems all in one solution,” says Peppard. “We were truly impressed."

With the decision made, the real work began. Five months later, the team had built a new portal called The Central Line. “OutSystems is a one-stop-shop for us,” explains Peppard. “By using it, we are able to quickly turn-out code and iterate. Plus, it gives us the governance, compliance, and controls we need to be confident we are developing secure and compliant applications that can easily withstand SOC, HIPAA and HITRUST audits.”


OutSystems Makes Users Happy While Delivering Cost Savings and Greater Efficiency

Results - Since partnering with OutSystems and building its new portal, USACS has had great feedback from the doctors who use it. In fact, the company has rolled out The Central Line to a larger group of users and is receiving frequent requests for new features. Not only that, the new portal is also helping to save the company over a million dollars per year as the organization rapidly expands through organic growth and acquisition.

Today, The Central Line is also replacing a variety of legacy apps in older systems, including Lotus Notes. Perhaps the greatest advantage of using OutSystems is the efficiency that it brings to Peppard’s team. “We’re able to do more with the same amount of people,” he says. “That’s why we’re with OutSystems. We couldn’t do it with any other vendor.”


Founded by emergency medicine physician groups in Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Ohio, and Texas and capital partner Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, USACS is the national leader in physician-owned emergency medicine, hospitalist, and observation services. USACS provides high-quality emergency and hospitalist care to over 6 million patients annually at more than 170 locations in 21 states and is aligned with leading hospital systems across the country.

Visit www.usacs.com to learn more.

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