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  • TechTarget
    Real-world developers' low-code examples focus on productivity

    Michael Cattapan, director of software engineering at AbbVie, presented on the company's use of OutSystems for low-code business applications at Gartner's Application Strategies and Solutions Summit in Las Vegas in December.


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  • Iowa caucus impacted by untested app and no training for volunteers

    Mike Hughes, senior director of product marketing at OutSystems dives into the importance of user experience around the app troubles for the Iowa Caucus


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  • Top 15 insurtech companies in the US

    OutSystems was named of the top 15 best insurtech companies in all of the United States


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  • Over one million unique component downloads from OutSystems Forge

    OutSystems announced that the OutSystems Forge has surpassed more than one million unique component downloads


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  • Executive Summary: Managing Digital Transformation in Healthcare

    Jesse Eterovich, vice president of technology at US Acute Care Solutions (USACS), and Michael Douglas, product marketing manager at OutSystems discuss best practices for implementing clinician portals


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  • Getting real with today’s most hyped software: An RPA case study

    Keith L. Murphy, solution architect at OutSystems discusses RPA and legacy applications


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  • Forbes
    99 (Extra!) AI Predictions For 2020

    António Alegria, head of artificial intelligence shares his AI prediction for 2020


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  • Decade in review: Software developers and cloud architects in demand and well paid

    Alexandra Monteiro, vice president of people at OutSystems highlights the growing demand for software developers


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  • What is citizen development? The CIO’s solution to shadow IT

    CEO Paulo Rosado discusses growth and trends around citizen development


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