OutSystems Names 2016 Innovation Award Winners for Americas

Atlanta, GA -  2016年10月12日

Nine companies recognized for their pioneering initiatives in digital transformation

OutSystems announced the winners of the 2016 OutSystems Innovation Awards for the Americas. The program recognizes those enterprises using OutSystems to enable faster application creation and delivery to digitally transform their operations and interactions with customers, partners and employees. Applicants were evaluated based on the business impact, results, user adoption and experience rates, and measureable IT benefits they achieved with their initiatives.

Winners of this year’s Innovation Awards are:


Winner: US Acute Care Solutions for The Central Line - A brand new collaborative portal saves physicians time and the company money.

When US Acute Care Solutions wanted to replace its legacy portal for physicians it looked to OutSystems for help creating a solution that supported much greater collaboration. Five months later, the company had a new, collaborative portal that helped the physicians complete much of their work outside of the emergency room. Not only that, the new portal is saving the company over a million dollars annually the organization rapidly expands through organic growth and acquisition.



Winner: Logitech for its NPI Command Center - Integrations abound with Logitech’s NPI Command Center.

Logitech uses OutSystems to build new apps to help it quickly deliver new products to market. One example of such an app is the NPI Command Center, which offers a centralized and unique view over the entire operation of developing and delivering a new product to the market. It includes a collaboration and communication tool with unification of best practices and reporting. Importantly, not only was it ready to go live in just two weeks, today it also integrates with six different systems.


Winner: Estafeta for its Sistema de Operaciones Estafeta (SOE) - A legacy system was replaced with a new mobile application, increasing visibility and operational efficiency.

When Estafeta needed to completely overhaul the system it used to track its shipments, it turned to OutSystems for help. Using the OutSystems low-code platform, the company was able to build a new operating system that consolidated its legacy applications, standardized its processes, and introduced a variety of new features. The result was greater visibility, better user experiences, and significant cost savings.


Winner: Americares, Field Inventory Tracker - Better inventory management leads to faster, more effective responses during disasters.

When Americares needed new pharmaceutical inventory and distribution tracking systems to better respond to emergencies and improve supply chain management, it partnered with  OutSystems. The foundation was quickly able to replace its error prone legacy system with a new Field Inventory Tracker application. The new app is a flexible, intuitive, and robust system that allows AmeriCares to easily and accurately receive, manage, ship, and report on its products. As a result, Americares is better positioned to respond to emergency disasters and to measure the impact it’s having on saving lives using the donated medicines it receives.


Winner: CP Kelco for its Strategic Platform for Enterprise Application Challenges - Building four applications on OutSystems saved CP Kelco millions of dollars.

CP Kelco needed an integrated development platform to quickly build a variety of applications across its organization. Using OutSystems, the company was able to build applications much more cost effectively than off-the-shelf solutions. In fact, to date  OutSystems has allowed CP Kelco to develop and deploy four applications, helping the company to avoid millions of dollars in software purchases, and maintenance and programming expenses, while also cutting development time by between 50 and 90 percent.


Winner: College Bound for Bridgit - Aimed at helping more high school students attend college, this software went from 2,200 to 10,500 users in just five months.

College Bound built Bridgit on OutSystems. This online, mobile-optimized software bridges the gap between college acceptance and attendance, helping to ensure that a greater number of high school students go on to attend college. The software stands out for its impressive scale up. In 2016, the tool scaled from 2,200 users to 10,500 across ten states. And it accomplished this in just five months. College Bound projects that the tool will scale to reach more than 20,000 users in 2017. Sense Corp was instrumental in designing and building this software.


Winner: Micromain for its Project “Amy” - A modern, mobile-ready maintenance management system built in less than five months.

MicroMain’s maintenance management system was built on an outdated platform and needed to be overhauled. After several failed attempts at developing the project through traditional means, MicroMain decided to partner with OutSystems and was able to deliver a beta version to its customers in less than five months. The company had a modern, mobile-ready, cloud-based solution for its customers much faster than it anticipated. DoltLean was a key development partner for this project.


Winner: Randstad Brazil for its eTalent Recruitment Solution - Automated eTalent solution, built in two months, allowed four HR consultants to source and vet 75,000 candidates.

Randstad Brazil needed a new eTalent recruitment solution to help it fill hundreds of temporary positions for the 2016 summer games in Rio de Janeiro. Using OutSystems, it built a solution in just two months that allowed a team of four HR consultants to source and vet 75,000 candidates, interview 7,000 of them, and ultimately fill all 1,500 open requisitions. Partner ÁgilBr helped develop the solution.


Winner: Georgia Tech for its Shared User Management System (SUMS) - A new management system gives researchers easy access to hundreds of millions of dollars in facilities and equipment.

The Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) at Georgia Tech developed its Shared User Management System (SUMS) to help it manage the $400 million of lab equipment it has spread across numerous research buildings and multiple campuses. With OutSystems, it was able to create SUMS in just 15 weeks, transforming the way that IEN tracks and manages its lab equipment and allowing the Institute to increase the efficiency of its research while expanding access to its facilities.

A full list of OutSystems Innovation Award winners can be found here: https://www.outsystems.com/customers/innovation-awards/

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