The #1 Event for Business Innovation

October 29-30
RAI Amsterdam Center

The #1 Event for Business Innovation

October 29-30 | RAI Amsterdam Center

Join over 2000 business and IT leaders, architects and developers for two days filled with innovation, disruptive thinking and jaw-dropping technology. See how Santander, Plus, Randstad and more are transforming their business, learn how new tech like AI, IoT and blockchain is unleashing amazing solutions and connect with leaders building their teams to redefine their digital future.
This is my 4th NextStep and they keep getting better.
Best business and tech conference of the year - great energy and so much innovation in one place.
I love the networking… connecting and learning from others is priceless.
Best business and tech conference of the year - great energy and so much innovation in one place.
This is my 4th NextStep and they keep getting better.
I love the networking… connecting and learning from others is priceless

Learn from these inspiring sessions


Paulo Rosado


Chief Executive Officer

John Rymer


VP, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals


For Business Innovators


Turning Apples Into Smiles in No Time

How did a global food delivery giant turn on a dime and modernize its paper processes? By digitizing their delivery operations in real time! Learn how this team changed its ways, and delivered more than food, thanks to a new tech stack.


Challenging Age-Old Processes for a New Era of Service and Collaboration

Managing business and partner expectations alongside customer needs requires a deft hand and sometimes, different tools. Learn how your business can modernize legacy systems and drive real business results.


AI-Powered Genie Chatbot Makes Parents Wishes Come True

World educator GEMS wanted to consolidate operations and bring together parents, educators and facilities. Get a vision for how AI can help your business with an app that weds communications, payments, reporting, and student tracking, all with an AI-assisted chatbot.


Digital Service Delivery at the Heart of Value-Based Patient Care

Delivering value-based healthcare isn’t just a tagline for Medtronic. Hear how the company is providing more value to its customers thanks to a patient-first approach that couples traditional care with new e-health services.


How a Customized Full-Stack IT Delivered at the Rate of a Template

Standardizing IT functionality while offering a personalized UX/UI for individual apps is exactly what De Efteling did at its amusement park. Check how they’re using new mobile experiences to ensure park safety for 5 million annual visitors.


Building a More Healthy and Sustainable Environment, One Project at a Time

Construction giant Heijmans wants to build better, smarter and more sustainably. Join this session and learn how hundreds of project managers rely on their low-code-based web portal to maximize efficiencies and build a more sustainable world.


Tackling Hard Societal Transformation with Tech

Can technology be a transformative societal change-agent without being too “big-brother?” From internal governance to services for government and the public sector, come see how disruptive transformation can benefit people everywhere.


Swipe Right If This Job Sounds Right for You

AI never sleeps, which makes it the perfect assistant for both recruiters and job candidates. In this session, see how Randstad is connecting more than 1,500 recruiters with applicants using AI and machine learning.


Protecting the Most Valued Business Asset - Trust

Good security happens in the background. Making that happen requires understanding how we interact with everything around us. Hear how Prosegur modernized its core systems and integrated real-time data to secure what matters most.


Concierge Quality Healthcare at a Fraction of the Cost

Routine healthcare and wellness assistance could soon be as easy as sitting down to check your blood-pressure. Built using low-code, come and see what is easily the most innovative approach to healthcare since housecalls.

For IT Leaders, Architects and Developers


Build the Ultimate Power-User, Data-Intensive UI

The recently-released Data Grid component gives you the power to create highly sophisticated, data intensive user interfaces operated by power users. Learn how to use it to create UIs that simplify the migration of highly complex Excel interfaces to the web.


How to Build a Physical Store of the Future with OutSystems

Step into the future of supermarket stores where customers, store managers and products interact through an event-driven environment. Learn how you can use Light BPT, Firebase, NFC, DataWedge, computer vision technical solutions to deliver rich and effortless customer experience.


Do Amazing Reports in OutSystems

Wondering how to do reporting in OutSystems? Then this session is for you. From Simple Report (free) to External Tools (integrating with paid tools), you’ll learn all about HTML2PDF, ReportSystems, SimpleReports, and StimulSoftJS.


Branching Your Way to Low-Code Perfection

The new branching features in OutSystems are a huge boost for low-code teams. From feature branches, to refactoring, to hotfixing production code, these team-boosting capabilities combine the power of built-in dependency analysis with the flexibility of multiple parallel code lines.


Combining OutSystems CI/CD with Jenkins and Azure

As customer factories have grown, CI/CD pipelines have become more complex. To help, OutSystems has developed integrations with the leading CI/CD DevOps tools, Jenkins and Azure DevOps. Join this session and learn how to tackle the challenges of managing enterprise CI/CD pipelines.


Combining OutSystems Logging with the Elastic Stack

Want to reduce the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) of your OutSystems applications? Join this session and learn how to add OutSystems logs as a source into the Elastic (ELK) stack so you can visualize OutSystems operations in real-time.


Biometrics and low-code

How to integrate biometric data with your apps? See how Spotcheck developed a health kiosk that can screen body composition, blood circulation, stress and fatigue levels, and vessel states in less than 8 minutes.


Create Rich Conversational Experiences with Chat and Voice

The next generation of multiexperience apps have moved far beyond typing responses on a keyboard. Join this session and learn how to integrate chat and voice into your OutSystems apps.


Uber for Garbage - making IoT work with OutSystems

See how ISB Global created an app where garbage bins contact trucks when they are full. This innovative solution leverages IoT, geo-location and much more.


Automated quality assurance for OutSystems

Best practices around incorporating automated testing into OutSystems applications.

Wait, there’s a whole lot more?

Want to find out about the thriving OutSystems community nearest you?  It’s here.  Do you want to learn about the newest training paths and certifications?  We’ve got that too.  Do you want to connect with OutSystems experts, engineering and executives?  You can help shape the roadmap for future innovations.


About the latest platform features. Discover how innovative companies are taking digital transformation to new heights.


With other business and IT leaders, innovators, and developers and share your challenges and solutions.

Get inspired

By jaw-dropping customer stories that will show you how you can break the barriers of innovation with low-code.

Have fun

With partners, colleagues, and OutSystems experts while hearing firsthand how other companies are transforming their business.

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