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With over twenty highly experienced dedicated OutSystems consultants, Valuga helps clients develop innovative apps with advanced big data and IoT analytics capabilities. To achieve the best user-centered applications, Valuga includes User Experience experts that keep top of mind the people who use the apps. While our ambition is to keep creating smart solutions with new technology for our customers.

The OutSystems Experts, connecting the dots to make the complex simple.


Projects Delivered

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  • Holland Casino & User Experience
    • Finance
    • Travel, Leisure, Entertainment
    1 Developer 6 Months Web Application 2020

    For the best guest service, go to Holland Casino. But for their employees they could use some help. Through diligent on-the-floor research, followed-up by detailed interactive designs, the processes &use became much easier and simpler throughout their OutSystems applications. Thanks to our UX expert, they can uphold the 9+ experience for guests & personel

  • Company specialized in global distribution
    • Retail & Wholesale
    • Other use cases
    2 Developers 3 Months Mobile Application 2020

    A Warehouse Management System is key to a faster, more reliable and highly efficient inventory management process. It allows tracking the inventory in real time, moving products within a warehouse, picking products to fulfill sales orders, inventory cycle counting and corrections. It replaced inventory through the ERP system and manually updating Excels.

  • Randstad
    • Business Services
    • Other use cases
    2 Developers 3 Months Web Application 2018

    Leveraging machine learning algorithms the app provides recommendations to match talents to jobs. The app has an enhanced search tool that uses elastic search, synonym words and looks directly in resumés for optimal search results. With an intuitive UX, it helps recruiters do their daily work by saving time searching, giving focus on the clients & talents.

  • Onguard
    • Insurance
    • Other use cases
    3 Developers 4 Months Web Application 2019

    Valuga developed & designed the Policy Manager. The tool gives insight into how well a client is covered from risks like insolvency & bankruptcy from their debtors. The challenge was to replace an unscalable legacy system with an immense big data background. Valuga realized a multi-tenant, multi-insurer app that provides valuable insights for the insurers.

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Plan it
    • Events & Scheduling
    • Food & Beverage
    The automated scheduling solution can continuously solve the most complex planning puzzles, no matter what constraints or business rules are thrown at it. In a matter of seconds, combining best-in-class low code, big data and machine learning technology provides you with the optimal schedule in real time.
  • Predict it
    Predict it
    • Assets & inventory management
    • Transportation & Logistics
    It requires a lot of data to know your assets and predict their maintenance. We are able to predict these needs. We collect the data by adding IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to equipment, which gather large amounts of data. The data is put into our Proactive Maintenance solution that is specifically built to analyse multiple, complex patterns and trends
  • Find it
    Find it
    • Other use cases
    • Retail & Wholesale
    The Fuzzy Search solution reduces search time to a minimum. At lightning speed it can find that single record in tons of data across multiple apps and only needs minimum input to get what you want. And not only that, it grows along with your company.

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