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Tackling Legacy Modernization at Your Own Pace

Real World Low-Code Series

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Everyone’s digital transformation is different and presents unique challenges when it comes to legacy systems.  An immediate complete replacement isn’t always practical. However, a more iterative approach provides short-term benefits, reduces risk, and promotes continuous evolution based on your business’s needs.

In this webinar, you will learn how OutSystems can help you tackle your legacy modernization at the pace your business needs with:

  • Apps that combine data from multiple systems of records into a single intuitive UI/UX
  • Processes to embed legacy systems with new business logic
  • Fast and iterative design built to handle changes over time

You will see an example that showcases how easy it is to start your own legacy modernization using existing systems with completely new business processes while minimizing organizational impact.


Mike Josephson

Solution Architect

Rachel Brennan
Product Marketing Manager