Courses and docs that will have you building high-quality mobile and web apps with OutSystems.
The OutSystems team built a unique certification program to foster an ecosystem of OutSystems Platform professionals that deliver high quality solutions. We offer a certification program that certifies both knowledge and real world project experience.
Certified OutSystems Platform Developers will evolve through the different certification levels to master the OutSystems Platform technology. This is done alongside modern software engineering practices for developing and designing enterprise-grade mobile and web applications. 
Associate Developer—  Little or no project experience
Autonomous newbie that evolves fast and delivers quality work. Develops simple web applications. Fairly autonomous in addressing most development issues and fast learner. Able to bridge experience with other development environments and languages.  Should be supervised by a Professional Developer.
Professional Developer—  6 months experience as Associate Developer
Trustworthy, proficient senior developer. Develops enterprise grade applications. With experience in some advanced topics like Architecture, Advanced User Interface patterns, Business Process Technology.  Able to coach Associate Developers.
Expert Developer—  More than 12 Month experience as Professional Developer
Trustworthy, senior developer that can tackle everything with mastery. Top of the line, trustworthy, experienced developer, with capacity to design and architect quality solutions autonomously. Can tackle all platform related technical issues. May occasionally manage the delivery team. Able to coach Associate and Professional Developers.
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By pre-registering you’ll get an email with all the details needed to proceed (including Pricing).