Advanced Developer Boot Camp

For those hungry to become OutSystems Jedi, we distilled the knowledge and experience of our top notch consultants into one amazing 5-day, hands-on course. You’ll go beyond developing with OutSystems to outright mastery. You’ll learn how to use OutSystems to its full advantage, building high-quality and performing and scalable enterprise web apps.

In this course you will:
  • • Boost your architectural skills.
  • • Understand development patterns and best practices.
  • • Learn how to handle performance and scalability.
  • • Examine the most common integration scenarios.

You’ll finish up with all the advanced skills and hands-on experience necessary to be an OutSystems development superstar.

Advanced Developer

What will you learn?

Solution Architecture; Advanced Development and Integration Patterns; Advanced UI with themes, CSS and JavaScript; Performance; Scalability and Testing. Through a series of guided instructions, hands-on exercises, and discussions, you'll learn how to become a skilled OutSystems Platform developer. This isn't a theoretical course. You'll actually be hands-on 90% of the time.

What do you need?

Your laptop and completion of Developer Course I. A few weeks before the Boot Camp, you will receive detailed instructions for installing everything you'll need.

Who should attend?

OutSystems developers and former Developer Boot Camp attendees who already know OutSystems and want to expand their skills and knowledge. Architects who have taken an OutSystems developer boot camp and need to better understand how OutSystems delivers web applications.

What's the agenda?

1 Day Solution Architecture I - understand the concepts of the 4-layer architecture design, see examples of its usage and experience using it.
2 Day

Solution Architecture II - deep dive into advanced architecture and integration patterns and learn about the tools available for validating and fixing existing architectures.

3 Day Bullet-proofing your Applications - learn how to improve security and performance of your applications from the investigation of real-life, practical scenarios. Includes massive data processing.
4 Day

Business Process Technology - learn how to implement, monitor and manage business processes. You’ll also understand where this technology can be applied in real life scenarios.

5 Day

Usability - learn the concepts and tools to develop highly usable applications, and see how to test it in the field to improve the user adoption.

UPCOMING Advanced Developer Boot Camp Dates
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Feb 26 - Mar 2
Prospects/Customers only
Atlanta, United States
Mar 11 - Mar 15
Prospects/Customers only
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mar 19 - Mar 23
Prospects/Customers only
London, United Kingdom
Jun 11 - Jun 16
Prospects/Customers only
Johannesburg, South Africa
Jul 17 - Jul 24
Prospects/Customers only
Tokyo, Japan
Advanced Developer