OutSystems Platform Jump Start Training

In this one day training, you will get an end-to-end overview of OutSystems and the OutSystems Platform. You will learn how the platform can help you and your team plan, develop, change, deploy and manage enterprise grade applications.
The training includes several demos, exercises and lots of Q&A time for you to get all your questions answered:
  • • Learn how to develop Web Applications with the OutSystems Platform
  • • Gain hands-on coding experience with the platform
  • • Learn your way through the OutSystems world
jump start class photo

What will you learn?

During this training we will focus on how you can plan, develop, change, deploy and manage enterprise grade applications using the OutSystems Platform. Topics include:

  • • Introduction to OutSystems
  • • Typical examples of solutions created with the OutSystems Platform
  • • What is the OutSystems Platform?
  • • Lifecycle management of web applications built with the OutSystems Platform: estimating, developing, deploying, changing and monitoring
  • • Collaboration and teamwork
  • • Create web applications and mobile web applications from scratch using the OutSystems Platform
  • • Integration with external systems: web-services, SAP and external databases
  • • Change management, impact analysis and versioning
  • • Security and authentication
  • • Documentation
  • • Monitoring web applications, troubleshooting and performance tuning
  • • Gathering user feedback

What do you need?

You will be using a personal environment in this Boot Camp. All you need is a laptop with Windows XP SP2 or higher installed. A few weeks before the training, you will receive detailed instructions.

Who should attend?

Web Developers, Architects and Technical Leads. This course will work for you if:

  • You're an experienced Web Developer and new to OutSystems Platform development;
  • You understand basic programming concepts such as database modeling, SQL, loops, conditionals and so on;
  • You want to understand if the OutSystems Platform is a good fit for your ecosystem.
UPCOMING Jump Start Training Dates
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Aug 23
Prospects/Customers only
Munich, Germany
in English
Aug 28
Prospects/Customers only
Perth, Australia, Australia
in TBD
Aug 30
Prospects/Customers only
Singapore, Singapore
Aug 30
Prospects/Customers only
Helsinki, Finland
Aug 30
Prospects/Customers only
Temasek Boulevard, Singapore
Sep 4
Prospects/Customers only
Frankfurt, Germany
in German
Sep 6
Prospects/Customers only
London, United Kingdom
Sep 9
Prospects/Customers only
Manama, Bahrain
in English
Sep 13
Prospects/Customers only
Utrecht, Netherlands
in TBD
Sep 13
Prospects/Customers only
Basel, Switzerland