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Integrating with Web Services

This course introduces you to the REST and SOAP in OutSystems. The course focuses on how to expose and consume external Web Services and APIs.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn how to expose your own REST APIs or SOAP Web Services, as well as consuming existing ones.
A series of practical exercises will guide you thru consuming a REST API from an external system, and exposing a REST API to be used by other systems.
In the final section, you can explore different use cases related to REST integrations:

  • Exercise on how to integrate Google Sign-In (OAuth 2.0) into your OutSystems application
  • Demo on how to handle JSON data using the JSON Serialize and JSON Deserialize logic tools
  • Demo on how to handle errors when consuming REST web services

What do you need?

Your laptop with Windows 7 or higher and version 11 of the OutSystems Development Environment tools. You will also need access to an OutSystems 11 server (or Personal Environment).

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Wolf Schneider
All the REST / SOAP exercises should have been consolidated into two single multi-step exercises. Much time is wasted parsing/processing/extracting the small actual new thing each one presents.
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Mario Silva
The course is very detailed and easy to understand.
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Very clearly exposed. Thank you.
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30 Jun (3 days ago)

Alvaro Gallegos
useful material
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29 Jun (4 days ago)

Wilbye Descalsota
There are texts in the pdf resources that's wrong. eg. "adding" where it should be "assign"
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29 Jun (4 days ago)

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