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Using C# Code

Go further and beyond limits within your application Logic by extending it with custom C# code.

In this course you will learn how to create Extensions in Integration Studio to extend the back-end logic of you applications. The exercises inside this course will enable you to extend OutSystems with:

  • NuGet packages;
  • Compound data types (structures and lists);
  • C# libraries (DLL)
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Krit Tangcharoenkijkul
Software Engineer
Interesting, I like it
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5 Nov (3 weeks ago)

Hamid Ali Shaik
Software Engineer
Good Examples
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3 Nov (4 weeks ago)

Yogesh Javir
Senior Developer
great tutorial course
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30 Oct (4 weeks ago)

Nino Belleza
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28 Oct

Rômulo César Marques de Melo
Analista de Sistemas
The image of the tag a did not appear after clicking on the eye to view the sample.
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12 Oct

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