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Integration Studio Overview

Sometimes an has specific requirements that requires going beyond the limits. This course introduces Integration Studio that allows developers to create extension modules.

In Extension modules you will be able to:

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E. Boon
A shame this video wasn't done by the same guy that did "Traditional Web Developing Web Apps (OutSystems 11)". Who has a very clear and calm voice which makes it absolutely a joy to follow along.
Miguel Melo however has such a heavy Spanish accent it's hard to follow what he is trying to say.
The 2nd part is an excersice only to get the Integration part running and to download Visual Studio...
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6 Sep (13 days ago)

Anil Pillai
Excellent demo and easy steps
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27 Aug (3 weeks ago)

Vishal Vilas Takale
NIce tutorial
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27 Aug (3 weeks ago)

Andre van der Weijde
Seems easy to install needed software and integrate with Visual Studio
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22 Aug (4 weeks ago)

Nik Ivanov
Говорит чётко, русскому понятно!
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19 Aug

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