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This course introduces you to the end-user authentication in OutSystems.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn about the built-in authentication methods available and their flow, as well as the needed changes when you need to implement a custom scalable external authentication or integrate specific applications with a Federated Identity Provider using SAML or OAuth.

Since Platform Server Release Jul.2019 CP2 (August 23rd, 2019), SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language) and Azure AD (Azure Active Directory) authentication modes are built-in supported. Okta authentication method become built-in supported since Platform Server Release Oct.2019 (October 3rd, 2019).
You can configure the Identity Provider directly in the Users application.

If you want to learn the concepts around the built-in authentication modes please refer to our documentation: 

Note that this course only covers Users Authentication. If you have the need to set an Authorization mechanism, such as mapping your external permissions to OutSystems roles, you can reference, as an example, the Active Directory Group Mapping Forge component that maps Active Directory Groups to OutSystems Roles.

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Sachin Waghmare
Team Lead
Like the way explained this course.
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28 Oct (2 days ago)

Nilam Patil
Very Good Content
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21 Oct (9 days ago)

Mohamed Attya
very fast and less clear
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14 Oct (2 weeks ago)

Arunkumar Balu
content is good
I dont like the system voice to explain the cource. It doesn't have soul. also moving very fast which makes difficult to understand
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4 Oct (4 weeks ago)

Shivansh Pandey
Software Engineer
This course is too fast on explanation side. It seems like a computerized voice is just reading the presentation.
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24 Sep

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