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Advanced Aggregates

This course will enable you to expand your knowledge of Aggregates in OutSystems. With this introductory course, you will be able to know a couple more advanced features of Aggregates, such as fetching data from multiple sources, creating calculated attributes and aggregation functions.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn how create complex Aggregates that rely on multiple entities and joins between those entities, use aggregation functions (e.g. COUNT, MIN, GROUP BY, ...), and calculated attributes. Demos on each one of these use cases are also included!

What do you need?

Your laptop with Windows 7 or higher and version 11 of the OutSystems Development Environment tools. You will also need access to an OutSystems 11 server (or Personal Environment).

Before you start...

We recommend that you first take the following course:

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Edgar Oliveira
Quality Manager
Very useful!
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30 Jun (3 days ago)

Ndilokelwa Luis
OutSystems Associate Web Developer
Learning so much...
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20 Jun (13 days ago)

António Nogueira
Very useful. tks
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19 Jun (14 days ago)

Very clear topics about advanced Aggregates. It helps the most handling data from several entities.
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16 Jun (2 weeks ago)

Jose Fernando Moreno Hernandez
if all course add spanish translate, this plataform could be better
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9 Jun (3 weeks ago)

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