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Project Initiation

Starting a project is not always easy… As you discover more details things can get messy so, it is important to detail as much as possible all the feature and requirements. This course covers the project initiation and the first steps to start building your backlog.

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Maria Santos
Solutions Developer
Simple and direct information in video.
Narrator has a robotic voice in all videos except for the first video. This can impact negatively on catching the viewer's attention.
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17 Nov (7 days ago)

Manager - Business Operations(OutSystems)
The colour coding for Business, Tech and Planning are awesome and was easy to keep track of the processes.
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16 Nov (8 days ago)

Tiago Agostinho
Very robotic voice.
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11 Nov (13 days ago)

Martti Ala-Rantala
Most of this stuff has nothing to do with OutSystems but is rather generic materila about creating systems based on user needs and goals.
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5 Nov (3 weeks ago)

Russell Richter
familiar with content - this is coherent, simple, "succinct & sufficient", well done!
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27 Oct (4 weeks ago)

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