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Getting Started with OutSystems

This course will help you get started with OutSystems. It provides an overview of the Outsystems Platform, help you get you're development environment set up, and then provides an introduction to the Service Studio development environment.

What will you learn?

The key components and capabilities of the OutSystems Platform. You will also learn how to download and set up the Outystems Development Environment as well as learning the layout of the Service Studio development environment and the features that help us create, build, and run our applications!

What do you need?

Your laptop with Windows 7 or higher. We will discuss getting access to a Personal Environment as part of the course.

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Francis Mathew
Good till now
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28 Oct (2 days ago)

Supra Pavan Kondru
Outsystems Developer
Getting Started with OutSystems
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27 Oct (3 days ago)

Idrissa Bolly
Very well explained. Thanks!
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25 Oct (5 days ago)

António Leal
IT Operations
until now, it´ s very intuitive the explanation.
i observed that, when you write in this box something using accentuation, doesn´t (like this word) assume very well.
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22 Oct (8 days ago)

Ana Filipa Flores
Simple and accurate exposition, with great graphic support for people that are totally new to this IT environment. That is excellence.
Some jargon/ acronyms remains but is a "good excuse" to excel myself,  searching for them at wikipedia and learn a bit more about it.
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16 Oct (14 days ago)

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