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Domains and Services Architecture

Learn how to use a domain-driven design approach to your application architecture. Understand the difference between horizontal and vertical domains, and how can you use microservices in the best way possible to support your domains.

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Domains and Services
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Nicolas Sylvain
The sound is not good.
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Rui Bruno Mendes
Essential OutSystems Architecture tips for large factories. A must see!
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26 Oct

VNK Sarma
Excellent overview, crisp and clear.
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21 Oct

Rafael Sousa
Senior Developer
The information was great, the video was a little bit sloppy (it was not intended to be a tutorial but rather a live presentation, i get it).
You should go deeper in some of this topics, though.
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11 Oct

Chris McCoy
Course was fine but as others mentioned the presentation sound quality was bad - it was tough to follow along as the presenter walked around the room and away from the mic - people were coughing throughout the presentation
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11 Sep

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