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Andre van der Weijde
The sound could be better. Good stuff
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16 Sep (4 days ago)

Chayanath Pavuluri
Some slides are great but i thought some are not relevant to the topic. A working example would have added more value to topic... as per me
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2 Aug

Vasco Godinho
Improve editing.  Good content.
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27 Jul

Linda Miller
It is very high level.  Repeated content already covered in other courses. 
The speaker walking away and then back to the microphone meant I had to find a volume that allowed me to just hear what he said when he was away so that I wasn't deafened when he walked back.
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8 Jul

Marco Arede
OutSystems Tech Lead
Very important, the material of the lesson is great, the video was not with good sound quality.
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3 Jul

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