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Best practices on architecture design

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Architecture design best practices
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Daniël Kuhlmann
Tech Lead | OutSystems MVP
Sound quality was fluctuating due to the speaker walking around.
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31 Jul (8 days ago)

Rafael Ceballos
Bad Audio in the conference
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27 Jul (12 days ago)

Arthur Broeders
hard to hear speaker because of audio issues
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23 Jul (2 weeks ago)

Axel Denis
OutSystems Developer
When the speaker walks out of the image, he becomes very difficult to hear if you don't change the sound. If you do, when he comes back to the computer, he is too loud and you need to reduce the sound. It's not very handy to learn concepts this way.
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15 Jul (3 weeks ago)

Arthuro Cueva
i think quality audio must improve
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13 Jul (4 weeks ago)

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