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Test Automation Strategy

Before start testing your products you need to establish a successful strategy for your automated test. In this course, you'll learn the first step of a successful strategy. Understanding what are the goals that you are looking for.

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Thanks for the course!
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28 Nov (4 days ago)

Jussi Ahonen
Developement Specialist
Course description says that the course will take 12 minutes. However, already the first video is over 12 minutes, the second 9 minutes and the third 16 minutes.
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22 Nov (10 days ago)

Avanthi NC
It was good and helps in undestanding the process and strategy while testing an guide the right way of doing.
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18 Nov (14 days ago)

Mohammed Alatrash
thanks for this video
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17 Nov (2 weeks ago)

Masanori Yamada
Senior Trainer
I want subtitles, even if it's automatic text.
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9 Nov (3 weeks ago)

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