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Master Class on Multi-Language

This master class demonstrates OutSystems features that let you translate text and images from your application into any language and make it available in multiple locales without having to rewrite logic.

What will you learn:

What properties to set to establish multi-language content, how to use the translations editor, how to export translations to Excel so you can give them to a professional translator and how to import the translated material into your application.

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Master Class on Multi-Language
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Ricardo Reis
Professional Consultant
Very well explained and the tip to provide translators with context is very useful to get more meaningful transations.
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26 Nov (2 days ago)

Sachin Waghmare
Team Lead
Explained very well..
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27 Oct

Jyotsna Deokar
Informative course.
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7 Oct

Andre van der Weijde
Nice to see how multi language is integrated in outsystems and easy to use
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28 Sep

Racha Ramadan
I needed a technical example with which I could follow through
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3 Sep

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