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Webinar: The Challenge of Complex Offline apps

The requirement is usually stated in very simple terms: deliver an app that is available in all connectivity conditions. However, the solution can be anything but simple. 

When data management rears its ugly head, things get really tricky fast..How are you going to synchronize that data?

Conflicts will most definitely occur and the strategy to approach them depends on how clever your implementation is.

There is no silver bullet! But we can help you think it through. If you were on hand when we showed you how to discover some of the most common sync patterns and techniques, you got a preview.

Make no mistake, though: we're going beyond the common and we're delving deep. So, if you weren’t around for Create Your Offline App, no worries - we’ll get you fully up to speed. We're not going to feed you for a day, we're here to teach you how to fish!

In this webinar you will:

  • Review some of the common sync patterns OutSystems handles.
  • Understand how the synchronization process happens in the background.
  • Learn how to translate offline-first thinking into development best practices.

Learn how to implement a more advanced sync scenario.

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Sync or Swim: The Challenge of Complex Offline Apps