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Agile Methodology

From why we use Agile, to the core values that define the agile methodology, this course covers the basics to start an agile project. Get to know the main team roles of an agile project and its phases.

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Agile Methodology
Project Timebox Overview
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Edward van der Kust
Solution Architet
good stuff
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1 Jul (2 days ago)

Moshe Mikanovsky
Good content and pace for someone new into software development. Otherwise you can skip a lot of it. Better to watch with 2x speed.
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30 Jun (3 days ago)

Gabriel Leon
Delivery Manager
Very easy to understand and gives a clear idea of team members needed
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26 Jun (7 days ago)

Kevin Gledhill
Director / IT Contractor / Architect
I am not sure that the author of this course understands the role of an architect with an enterprise. What about the separate architecture disciplines. How does this fit with TOGAF? Architectural Governance. What about the disciplines - business/application/technology/application architect. What about the architectural process within agile?
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18 Jun (2 weeks ago)

Paul Glenn
Senior Advisor for Digitalization
The course takes considerably longer than the scheduled 30 minutes to complete.
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17 Jun (2 weeks ago)

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