Important: This course covers legacy versions of the OutSystems Platform (versions 8 and 9). To learn how to develop in OutSystems 10, follow the "Developing OutSystems Web Applications"  or "Developing OutSystems Mobile Apps" courses instead.



How is this course organized?

This course comprises a set of online video lessons and hands-on exercises - assignments. If you have watched some/all video lessons before, our recommendation is that you go through each of the lessons once more during this course. Why?

  • You will notice things you haven’t before
  • You’ll be better prepared for the assignments

To complete the assignments you will need a set of resources like (images, icons or seed data) that you may download from the sidebar of the course's Table of Contents page.

How to use this app?

It’s simple:

  1. Watch the video lesson once from start to finish
    1. Set YouTube player to HD and make it full screen
    2. Take your notes and questions
  2. After watching the video, go back to Service Studio and implement what you’ve seen in the video lesson. If you need to do so:
    1. Go back to the video lesson for reference
    2. Use Service Studio online help for additional reference
  3. When you’re done:
    1. Advance to next lesson/assignment

How should you progress through the coursework?

This course focuses on the flexibility of learning at your own pace, and we expect it will take you around 25/35 hours to complete. You are free to go through the curriculum (which you will find in subsequent pages of this application) when it's most convenient to you. If you are pressed for time, you can skip the Optional Assignments found in the curriculum.


While we strived to have the lessons be as clearly explained as possible, those enrolled in this course have exclusive access to the Developer Online Class Discussion forum, where you will be able to interact and exchange thoughts with your colleagues at any time. If you have a question, maybe you’ll find the answer there already? Or it could be the case that you can help someone there yourself?

Checkpoint Q&A #1
Checkpoint Q&A #2
Checkpoint Q&A #3
Checkpoint Q&A #4
Reuse Functionality between Application Modules (cont.)