Tech Talks
Microsoft AI and Low-Code: A Match Made in Heaven
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Tech Talks
Accelerating UI Development
How would you like to experience even more UI development speed? Try out the new OutSystems 11 features and templates and find out why we call it "faster.”
Containers, Containers Everywhere!
Nowadays, containers are in almost everything, including OutSystems 11. In this session, we cover the container-based technology in our newest release and show you how to make the most of these game-changing packages.
Microsoft AI and Low-Code: A Match Made in Heaven
AI and ML are changing the world, and Microsoft tools and services are driving the movement. Learn the possibilities of what you can do when they are part of your very own OutSystems app.
OutSystems AI: What If Software Wrote Itself?
Can machines learn to program software? Find out how the OutSystems AI group is applying ML and AI to app dev so developers can focus more on value and creativity.
Blockchain Demystified
Let's talk about blockchain: what it is, how it works, and where you can use it. We’ll demonstrate how you can use OutSystems to create a blockchain enabled application.
App Insights at the Speed of Light
How are your apps are being used? What is the value of what you built? What do your users think? Learn how OutSystems Insights helps you answer these questions and more.
Keep them playing: gamification meets user experience
Forget about badges or leaderboards. Gamification is more than adding game elements to your application; it’s a whole new way of interacting. Start thinking about core experiences, getting your message across, and keeping your users engaged.