Using Widgets Exercise

In this exercise, we will focus on developing a basic user interface using Text, Expressions, Containers, and If widgets. These widgets will be combined in a single screen to create a simple calculator, that only increments a number or multiplies it by 2. This number will be represented with an input parameter of the Screen. These are the requirements for this exercise:

  • The input parameter value is shown on the screen.

  • By clicking on a button, the value of the input parameter will be incremented by one.

  • By clicking on another button, the value of the input parameter will be multiplied by two.

  • A link that is only visible when the value of the input parameter is different than zero, to reset the input parameter back to zero.

When this is completed, the simple screen will have an expression, a few styled containers, buttons, links, and an If widget.

You can download a ZIP file of the Exercise Materials by clicking the button below (login required).
It contains all the resources needed for this Lesson, including the Exercise Guide PDF.

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