Role-based Security Exercise

In this exercise, we will create a Role and use it to control the authorization on an application that manages Employees and their Projects. This exercise will require a bit of work in Service Studio, but also some testing in the browser and usage of the Users application, the OutSystems default user provider.

In the application we have a set of projects and employees. Besides other things, the application allows adding employees to projects as ProjectMembers. In this exercise, we want to:

  • Create a new HRManager Role.

  • Create Users for our application and grant the new Role to one of them.

  • Restrict the access to all Screens of the application to users that are only registered (have a username and password) and restrict the Screen to add new members only to HRManagers.

  • Adapt the logic to add employees to a project to guarantee that only HRManagers can perform that task.

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