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[Tech Talk 2020] Web and Mobile Architecture with Architecture Dashboard
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Tech Talks
[Tech Talk 2020] Web and Mobile Architecture with Architecture Dashboard
Looking for the best practices for creating your OutSystems Web and Mobile applications? Let the Architecture Dashboard tell you how to follow best practices and keep your technical debt down to zero
[ODC 2018] Domains and Services Architecture
To be innovative and agile today means breaking up your monolithic architecture and stitching together the best services, parts, functions, and data sets. Learn the tradeoffs and the right way to “pulverize” monoliths.
[ODC 2018] OutSystems Architecture and Tooling
To support today’s business models, architecture must evolve so it doesn’t turn into “spaghetti.” Learn how to build a foundation that enables rapid growth/scalability, eliminates deployment nightmares, lowers costs, and keeps up with the business.
[ODC 2018] Refactor to Heal Apps
Learn how to refactor and abstract concepts without losing data and configurations. You will also see how you can prioritize your steps for maximum benefit and add them to your backlog of business requests.
[ODC 2018] Designing Secure Applications
Users need to feel secure. Taking good care of data goes a long way to earning their trust. Learn how to avoid the security vulnerabilities identified by OWASP when building apps with OutSystems.
[ODC 2018] Caching and Data Sync
Caching can dramatically improve application responsiveness. Learn how to prepare the data appropriately to support user interactions and how to activate synchronization at key points.
[ODC 2018] Mobile Architecture
Mobile is not web! Yes, we’re stating the obvious, but mobile has its own architecture and features. When correctly applied, they result in a great user experience. Learn about mobile events, offline capabilities, and architecture best practices.
[ODC 2018] Scalable Front-End Architecture
If you've ever felt overwhelmed by CSS and JavaScript duplication throughout your applications and want them to share a common look-and-feel without added complexity. Learn how to deliver style guides with sound architecture for ultimate scalability.
[ODC 2018] Massive Batch Processing
How can you overcome the challenge of massive amounts of data and a small processing window? Learn how OutSystems enables you to design scalable, resilient, and consistent batch processes that handle data volumes in the millions.