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Create Mobile App Exercise

Welcome to the first exercise lab of the Mobile for OutSystems Developers course. Over the course of this set of exercise labs, you will create a mobile application. The application will focus on creating and managing To Dos. The To Dos will be persisted in a database so they can be accessed from and shared across multiple devices. To Dos will have attributes such as category, priority (low, medium or high), due date and they can be marked as important (starred) by the user.
Users of the To Do application will be able to see all of this information regardless of whether the device is online or offline. When offline, users will still be able to keep interacting with the application and changes will be saved locally in the device local storage. When the device returns to online mode, changes made while offline will automatically be synced to the server.
You will constantly be expanding your application, publishing it to the server and testing it in your mobile device. Throughout the process you will be learning and applying new OutSystems concepts.
At the end of this set of exercise labs, you will have a small, but well-formed application, spanning multiple screens and concepts that you can easily access from your mobile device.

In this specific exercise lab, you will:

  1. Create an application
  2. Create the first module of the application
  3. Create a client action that works as a function
  4. Use that function in another module

At the end of the set of exercise labs, your application will look like this:


You can download a ZIP file in the Lesson Materials button below. It contains all the resources needed for this Lesson, including the Exercise PDF at the root, and the necessary images files inside the Resources folder.

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