Final Project
Movies Assignment

Now that you went through all the contents of the course, you can start practicing what you learned and test your autonomy with the final project of the course. 

The goal of this assignment is to build the Movies application that allows users to see the details about movies that are currently playing in cinemas and buy tickets. Each movie will contain information such as the title, release date, genres and images, as well as the associated cast and crew members.

The application will also have information about cinemas and the running sessions, and authenticated users will be able to buy a ticket for a specific movie session in a cinema. Authenticated users will also be able to interact with other users by posting comments in movies.

In this assignment exercise, you will:

  1. Create a Movies Application, running through all the contents covered in the Lessons of the course. 
  2. Test your autonomy and knowledge learned, as the descriptions are shorter than in the previous exercise labs.

The estimated duration for this exercise is 360 min.


You can download a ZIP file in the Lesson Materials button below. It contains all the resources needed for this Lesson, including the Exercise PDF, application image icon, and the Movies Data OutSystems Application Package in the Resources folder.

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Final Project