Final Project
Bookings Assignment

Now that you went through all the contents of the course, you can start practicing what you learned and test your autonomy with the final project of the course. 

The goal for this assignment is to implement the Bookings application. The application will be used by the hotel staff to book rooms for hotel guests. Each hotel room accommodates a number of adults and a number of children, including some amenities (Television, Internet Access, etc.), and has set price per night.

When a hotel guest calls in to book a room, the clerk at the reception checks for the available rooms. If there is a room available, the clerk registers the booking in the system with the guest’s name, the check in and check out dates, alongside the number of adults and children staying in the room. Upon check in, the guest confirms the booking at the reception and is checked in. Upon departure, the guest checks out at the reception.

In this assignment exercise, you will:

  1. Create a Bookings Application, running through all the contents covered in the Lessons of the course. 
  2. Test your autonomy and knowledge learned, as the descriptions are shorter than in the previous exercise labs.

The estimated duration for this exercise is 480 min.

You can download a ZIP file in the Lesson Materials button below. It contains all the resources needed for this Lesson, including the Exercise PDF at the root.

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Final Project