Advanced UI Patterns
SILK UI Exercise

In this exercise lab, you will leave the Movies application behind and focus on creating a new, and smaller, Web application using the Silk UI Web. The application will use the pre-existing Orders_Base module, with information about Orders, Customers and Products, and display the information in a Dashboard.

Users of this application will be able to look up the Latest Orders, look up the number of Orders that were closed or cancelled, and look up Orders by Status. In addition, they will also be able to consult all the Orders with Customer Names and Products in the Order.

You will use Silk UI Blocks to develop the application quickly, while having an excellent UI and great usability by following a pre-defined Style-Guide. At the end of this exercise lab, you will have a small application and basic working knowledge of this framework.

In this exercise, you will:

  1. Create a new application using SILK UI blocks.

The estimated duration for this exercise is 50 min.

You can download a ZIP file in the Lesson Materials button below. It contains all the resources needed for this Lesson, including the Exercise PDF at the root, and the Orders_Base module in the Quickstart folder.

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