Web Development Basics
Modeling Data Exercise

Welcome to the first exercise lab of the Developing OutSystems Web Applications course. Over the following set of exercise labs, you will create a Web application that will focus on creating and maintaining a movie database, as well as the people involved in the film (cast and crew). Users of the movie application will be able to access all the information about movies and people involved, as well as comment on movies and rate them. They will also be able to see which movies are in cinemas now and their session times. Administrators of the movie application will be able to add new (or edit existing) movies, cast or crew.

You will constantly be expanding, publishing and testing your application to the server while learning newer and more advanced OutSystems concepts. At the end of this set of exercise labs, you will have a small, but perfectly formed application, spanning multiple screens and concepts that you can easily access from a web or mobile browser.

In this exercise lab, you will:

  1. Create an application
  2. Create the first module of the application
  3. Create entities and bootstrap data
  4. Create static entities, and their associated records
  5. Publish the module in the OutSystems web server

The estimated duration for this exercise is 45 min.

At the end of the set of exercise labs, your application will look like this:

You can download a ZIP file in the Lesson Materials button below. It contains all the resources needed for this Lesson, including the Exercise PDF at the root, and the necessary images and Excel files inside the Resources folder.

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