Building Your First Business Process
Install the Modeling Business Process Resources

Install the Selection Process starter application so we can extend it with a business process.

Before we proceed...

Before we move on with the lessons, let's make sure you have your environment set up for you to carry out the upcoming exercises.

Please download this Application Package, available in the OutSystems Forge and install it into your Platform Server Environment.

These Business Process Lesson Resources will be used to help us build the complete Session Selection process.  The resources have been packaged as the Selection Process application which we will complete by building the Session Selection process from scratch.

What's inside this Resources package?

The Business Process Lesson Resources comprise of typical OutSystems elements like entities, screens, actions, and roles that would have been created to support the business process that will be built on the next few lessons.  These elements have been created ahead of time so the focus of the lessons can be on building the business process rather than the supporting application.

The application also features a Timer to create the application users for the different scenarios in the lessons, as well as an action that allows us to quickly create sessions instead of having to type them in while we are testing the process.

The application users and sessions are bootstrapped from excel files.

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Extra Materials
Extra exercises and videos on custom taskboxes and BAM