Assignment 12
Reference the ZXing Actions
  1. In your AssetManager, reference theGetBarcodeImageURL action and the Code and Encoding Static entities from the ZXingServices module.The GetBarcodeImageURL action receives data to encode and the codification type. Then, it returns the URL address where the bar code image is available.
  2. Change the ComputerDetail screen to have an image:
    • Add a container to the right of the Form, and add an ImageWidget inside it. Choose the Header_Logo as the default image. It will be the default image when no image exists;
    • Change the Type of image to External.Learn more on how to use external images in this help topic
    • The image URL is now mandatory. Use the output of the GetBarcodeImageURL action to set its value.
    • Set the GetBarcodeImageURL with the following arguments:
      • Set the value with the screen URL for users to be redirected to the computer web screen by reading the bar code.Learn more about screen URL functions in this help topic.
      • Set the type of bar code to be generated to be a Entities.Code.QR_CODE;
      • Set the size of the image, for example, 250 pixels by 250 pixels;
      • Set the UsePureBarcode to False;
      • Set Margin to 10.
      • Set EncodingId to Entities.Encoding.UTF8.
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