1. Getting Started

1.1. Register for a Personal Environment

If you're reading this, the chances are that you want to start learning how to create awesome mobile and web apps with OutSystems.

You probably already know this, but with OutSystems Platform you develop your apps in a visual way and publish them from your IDE into an environment.

So you should start by:

  1. Getting a free personal environment;
  2. Installing the IDE.

If you already got both of them, feel free to jump to the next lesson to start creating a contacts app.

Getting a Free Personal Environment

To get a free environment on the cloud where you can deploy your apps, you just need to register at OutSystems.

Head to www.outsystems.com/get-started, fill-in your name and address and that's it!

outsystems get started

Now that you've got an environment to deploy your apps, you just need the IDE, so that you can start developing and deploying. If you already installed the IDE feel free to jump ahead.

Downloading and Installing the IDE

After getting your free personal environment, you just need to install the OutSystems IDE. Download the Windows executable and install it just like any other Windows application.

If you're curious, you can check the System Requirements, to see the minimum requirements for installing the OutSystems IDE.

You're Not Alone!

If something isn't working, or you're having troubles setting up your development environment, don't forget that you're not alone.

Head back to the forums and ask for help or use the questions box below. There are tons of developers out there eager to help you out.