1. Getting Started

1.10. Try it in Your Device

Congratulations! You've developed your first app with OutSystems.

You now know how to:

  • Create new apps;

  • Import data from an Excel file;

  • Create screens to list, edit, and create records.

And you've also learned your way around the development environment.

To practice what you’ve learned, try completing the ToDo challenge. In this challenge you’ll be implementing a ToDo app. It will store the todo tasks on the database, and has screens to list, create, and edit tasks.


Want to Test the Contacts App on Your Device?

So far we've only showed how you can test your apps in a web browser.

But if you will be developing mobile apps, there's also an easy way to test them on your device - OutSystems Now.

You will need to install the OutSystems Now app on your mobile device. It's available for the iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. Check the System Requirements to see the supported devices.

App Store Google Play Windows Phone Store


You will also need to install the OutSystems Now component on your personal environment. This allows the native app to communicate with your environment and display your applications.

To install the OutSystems Now component, in the development environment, click ‘Install Application’, to install applications and components available on the Forge.

outsystems IDE

Log in with your OutSystems credentials, and search for ‘OutSystems Now’.

outsystems forge

And then click to install the OutSystems Now component in your personal environment.

Now you’ve got everything set. Connect to your personal environment using your credentials and test the applications you’ve created.

your app on your device