Full-stack development for everyone

With the OutSystems platform, people take on new roles. Back-end devs build front-ends, front-end devs build back-ends, and all devs automate workflows. There’s no wall, no sticking point, no tool switching. Just well-built, cross-platform apps that are easy to extend.

guy-knaep-small-avatar Guy De Knaep, IT Manager at Renotec

“We evaluated three low-code platforms and chose OutSystems because it offered full-stack development. It was easy for our developers to learn and provided the most flexibility to build the smart, mobile-friendly applications we required.”


13 vital apps developed in three months

14,000 assets under management

1 extra developer hired

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Front-ends made easy

The OutSystems low-code platform makes front-ends easy, even if no one on your team has built one before. The platform connects designers with developers, integrates with Figma, and offers pre-built templates. The result? Beautiful apps and smooth-as-butter user experiences.

Back-end development for any skill level

New and professional devs can use the OutSystems low-code platform to build your back-end, including APIs, web services, data models, workflows, and business rules. Creating and structuring databases and queries, business logic, and integrations is also simple.

Automate, don’t duplicate

The OutSystems platform enables new, proficient, and professional developers to build and deploy custom applications that automate and orchestrate your unique cross-functional workflows, eliminating inefficiency and repetitive tasks.

Need to extend an app? No problem

Extending or changing an app is a snap with the OutSystems low-code platform. Developers can add widgets, facial recognition plug-ins, pricing engine algorithms, and more as built-in visual elements in the OutSystems environment that you can easily add to your applications.

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