What sets high-performance low-code apart?

Get the speed and efficiency you expect from a low-code platform, but with the enterprise-grade capabilities required to build any business-critical app in your backlog.


Power to deliver whatever the business asks for

Most low-code platforms offer speed but lack the power and sophistication required for building enterprise applications. High-performance low-code supports end-to-end, full-stack development and the delivery of strategic mobile and web apps that provide competitive differentiation.

Deliver whatever the business asks for

Park Industries builds apps 10x faster with OutSystems

Agility to build and adapt apps to evolving business needs

High-performance low-code development empowers businesses with the agility to adapt applications as swiftly as needed. It integrates with existing CI/CD investments and includes AI-based capabilities for reducing technical debt, improving code usability, and accelerating the entire SDLC.

“High-speed, visual development with OutSystems makes agile easier, so healthcare professionals can see their ideas become a reality in days, not months ”

Ivo Antão

CIO and Board Member at Luz Saúde

Security without compromise

The security, governance, and compliance capabilities that most low-code platforms offer are just enough for tactical apps. Only high-performance low-code offers enterprise-grade governance and compliance capabilities and is architected to be secure from design-time to run-time.

Scalability that grows with your digital innovations

Unlike most low-code platforms, high-performance low-code, developers can build cloud-native apps that can automatically scale to hundreds of millions of users and deploy them across geographically distributed datacenters, all with unmatched speed and reliability.

Internet scale that grows with you

Gen Re delivers 30 applications in nine months with new development team

High-performance low-code is a class of low-code platforms that is superior in all aspects:

High-performance low-code Regular low-code


Designed for professional developers

Optimized for citizen developers

Use cases

Mission-critical and strategic applications

Tactical and workgroup applications

Developer experience

Full stack, omnichannel capabilities

Limited, domain-specific development capabilities


Enterprise-grade security, governance, and compliance capabilities

Basic and ad hoc


Zero-trust enterprise grade

Unavailable or limited


Auto-scaling for 1000s to millions of users

10 to 100s of users

Lifecycle management

Integrated, AI automation



Advanced integration with 100s of databases and systems of record

Simplified integration with third-party services

Cloud-native applications

Kubernetes, serverless, microservices, & cloud native services

Unavailable or Kubernetes only

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