OutSystems Customer ADEC Innovations Receives Environmental Leader’s Top Product of the Year Award

BOSTON and ATLANTA -  22 May 2018

The third industry recognition received for CleanChain, built with the OutSystems low-code development platform

OutSystems congratulates customer ADEC Innovations for receiving the Top Product of the Year Award from Environmental Leader. The winning product, CleanChain, was built with the OutSystems low-code development platform. In addition, CleanChain recently received the Sustainability Product of the Year award from Business Intelligence Group and the Green Supply Chain award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

ADEC was honored on May 16 for this innovative app that advances greener supply chains by tracking chemicals through manufacturing processes so that companies in industries such as textiles and apparel can determine how to reduce and even eliminate hazardous chemicals from those processes. 500 users in over 35 countries use CleanChain to help reduce impacts in the supply chain and reach corporate sustainability goals and milestones.

"Receiving all this recognition illustrates the commitment of ADEC Innovations to promoting sustainability and making the world a cleaner, better place. The CleanChain application is a game changer in the way it enables companies to take proactive efforts to keep hazardous materials out of the supply chain."Steve Rotter, CMO at OutSystems 

CleanChain is one of several apps ADEC Innovations has developed since converting its app development processes to the OutSystems platform several years ago. Their goal - to shift away from traditional coding in an effort to build applications more quickly with agility.

"CleanChain is being used as part of a larger effort globally to keep pollution out of waterways, especially in developing countries that have yet to put in place the necessary regulations. We were able to build apps that these industries can use to create a real impact for local communities and the planet as a whole. And we were able to bring these solutions to market very quickly using OutSystems. "Greg Scandrett, Director Product Development at ADEC Innovations 

The Environmental Leader and Energy Manager Today Product and Project Awards is a program recognizing excellence in products and services that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits, or in projects implemented by companies that improved environmental or energy management and increased the bottom line.

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